About us

NaviPartner is a software company with extensive expertise in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and among the largest Microsoft Dynamics partners in Denmark. We are specifically known for our many industry solutions, but also for our more "ordinary" solutions.

NaviPartner’s strategy is based on four simple and basic elements that make it easy for our customers both to get in touch with us and then to get great pleasure and benefit of choosing NaviPartner as their solution Partner. We aim for long term solutions, which ensures the best results between us and our customers. The more knowledge we have of each other, the better we understand each other’s needs.

NaviPartner’s four basic values are: proximity, simplicity, innovation and quality.


Proximity is both physically and mentally. NaviPartner has branches all over Denmark, so our customers can count on our assistance. But proximity is also to be mentally close to our customers. It is our primary goal that our employees are able to understand the business needs and problems of our customers in order to best solve their tasks.


Why make things more complicated than they are? A problem can be complicated, but we see it as our foremost duty to keep things simple.


Several companies have already become acquainted with our often times unconventional way of thinking solutions. It is not necessarily the way in which tasks have been solved in the past that proves to be the solution for a new customer. We always rethink solutions from our customers’ point of view.


Quality is something you as our customer is to demand. It is our goal that our customers get a positive quality out of cooperating with us. It is, furhtermore, important that our customers feel that NaviPartner makes a positive difference.

Contact us

Denmark: Peter Peulicke. Phone: +45 88 91 23 40. E-mail: pe@navipartner.dk
Nitasha Lutchumun. Phone: +230 499 60 25. E-mail: nl@navipartner.com